The Ant and the Drunkard Walk

Video Installation

The design of complex architectures and the
precise organization of social insects have been
an important source of inspiration for artificial
intelligence and computational models.
Engineers have tried to understand how
complex decision-making processes can
emerge from interactions following simple
rules in insects societies. Research in animal
cognition found evidences that most of the
social capabilities of ant colonies are emergent
properties of self-organizing processes.

In this video installation, we put side by side the
tracking of ants and the path drew by a
mathematical model of a random walk, known
as “the drunkard walk”. With this installation, we
propose to rethink the dualism of biological and
computational modes of decision-making. We
wish to explore ways in which agency emerges
both in computational and biological processing.

Video installation, Coletivo Squiggle, in development

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